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Chevrolet Surprises With Retro-Inspired E-10 Electric Pickup

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Chevrolet just debuted a retro-tinged electric pickup truck inspired by its 1962 C-10 model. It's named the E-10. It's unfortunately only a concept car. And it's absolutely beautiful.

Though it might look like a classic, its power, approximately 450 horsepower worth, is all modern. That's thanks to the double stack of performance concept electric crate motors that replaces the truck’s original gas engine under the hood. Juice to the drive stack comes from a pair of Chevrolet Bolt EV power electronics and two production Bolt EV battery packs, which are mounted in the truck’s bed. Not great for lugging things around, great for overall performance. 

Along with its zero-emissions style, the ride makes a fresh design statement with enhancements ranging from an illuminated Bowtie emblem on the grille to LED headlamps and taillamps. It also has a lowered stance, which feels just right given its vintage nature. We're in love—and can't help but feel a little sad it's only a concept.