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Insane Superyacht Concept Has Its Own Car Collection Showroom

Because why shouldn't you not be able to bring your land toys to sea?

May we introduce the visually striking CF8 Future Concept from the mega-talented yacht design team at Sea Level

Aerodynamically cool, the superstructure entangles with its hull seamlessly allowing a fast, and most comfortable ride for you and guests.  

Taking a sports car blueprint, the CF8 Future Concept distinctively boasts sharp lines, and crisp exteriors. 

Guests can take stay in one of the eight cabins on board, all with private washrooms and walk-in closets. Or take a dip in the yacht's pool which alone warrants this concept to be produced. 

While digital renderings only exist of this dream yacht, the design is uniquely impressive. We can only hope some blessed owner commissions Sea Level's thoughts into what may be the most stylish watercraft on sea.