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The Caterham Seven 310 Is Straight Out of Mario Kart

And looks like so much fun to drive.

The Caterham Seven 310 isn't your average sports car. 

With looks like a Shelby Cobra and competitive go-kart had a baby, it packs a 1.6L Ford Sigma Ti-VCT engine and is kitted with an aluminum-plated body and dozens of ultra-lightweight components, letting it move from 0-60 miles her hour in just under five seconds. All for a price of only $32,000.

Designed like something out of Mario Kart, we can't even begin to imagine how fun it would be to get behind the wheel of this thing. Fast, sporty, and so different than everything else on the market, it's truly one of the most head-turning rides money can buy right now.

Just make sure to keep your eyes pealed for those pesky blue shells.....