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A Squad of Bugattis Went On a Grand Tour for the Brand's 110th Birthday

As part of its ongoing 110th-anniversary celebrations, a squadron of more than 20 Bugattis just completed an epic five-day grand tour from Milan, Italy to the marque's home in Molsheim, France, capturing some stunning images along the way. With some locally owned cars including vintage 1920s racers and EB110s joining the Veyrons and Chirons along the route, the armada of multimillion-dollar machines was quite a sight to behold.

Milan was chosen for the start because it was the birthplace of the marque's founder Ettore Bugatti in 1881. He established his company in 1909 in Molsheim and quickly became known for building the fastest, most luxurious and beautifully engineered automobiles in the world.

The convoy crossed Milan with police escort before heading off a scenic drive to Piedmont in northwest Italy, known for its beautiful landscape and equally appealing truffles and wines, along the famed Langhe roads.

The tour then continued on towards the Côte d’Azur and Monaco, the home of legendary Bugatti driver Louis Chiron, for whom the breathtaking Bugatti Chiron is named. A Super Sport version of it just set a new world record.

Heading next to Aix-en-Provence, the supercar squad drove through the Luberon mountains, one of the most scenic regions in France, making a stop at the military airbase 701 training center for the Patrouille de France, the precision aerobatic demonstration unit of the French Air Force.

Motoring on through the Rhône region, they stopped for lunch at the Château la Gallée and then continued on through the Côte d’Or region in Bourgogne before arriving in Beaune, one of the most famous French wine appellations.  

Of course, there was an obligatory stop in Paris before they zipped through the Champagne region and made for Alsace, to Molsheim and Bugatti HQ and the grand finale.

“It is in Molsheim that La Marque was born and it was unimaginable to finish the Grand Tour for our 110 years anywhere else than here,” as Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann declared.