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BMW's New Key Fob Is Inspired By James Bond And Totally Game Changing

Hard not want to this with every car.

BMW recently unveiled their new 2016 BMW 7-Series and with it, a nice look at their new display key. This was originally previewed as a hard-to-find option for the BMW i7, but it'll come standard on all BMW 7-Series cars from here forward. Few reasons why we're stoked on it...

  • Full color touchscreen embedded in it.
  • The ability to control your car from a distance. So you can, for example, turn the seat warmers on 5-minutes before needing to jump in the car.
  • Full control of the parking assist, so you can have it autopark, pull in/out of the garage, and more, all from pushing a button on your key.
  • A built-in second battery that can open/close/start whenever the main battery (and thus, touch screen) runs out of juice.
  • A charging dock station for the key fob in the center console of the ride.
  • Incredible good looks and an impossible to deny cool factor.

Sure, half the 2016 models have corresponding apps and other things that kinda-sorta do the same thing as this, but they always have to connect to LTE or Bluetooth and take forever to load correctly. BMW's option, from all accounts, seems like it work as fast and seamlessly as your current open/lock fob.

Here's a closer look at the thing.