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Eye-Popping Vintage Porsches Fill This Series of Coffee Table Books

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A Flat 6 Love Affair is a cult-followed collection of Porsche-focused coffee table books from renowned photographer Bart Kuykens. And if it's not already on your radar, it should be.

The first four volumes available now, each filled with stunning black and white imagery and forwards from some of the most interesting names in the space like Magnus Walker and Norbert Singer. The fifth volume is due out later this year, and once all seven volumes are released, the spines will cleverly spell out "Porsche."

"Sultry, sexy, mean and moody, this is automotive photo porn at its classiest," says Johnny Tipler, who penned one of the forwards. "Bart’s eagle eye for a stylish shot has captured the characters and the cars absolutely, and his black-and-white subjects brim with charisma and innuendo; mysterious and enigmatic locations, classic 911s festooned with inner meaning, their keepers and models effecting surly postures, contriving fantastic atmosphere and ambiance. It’s the gothic Porsche photo album par excellence." 

For those will a thing for fast cars and great style, head here to pick up a copy. Or five.