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Wedged Wonders: 10 Stunning Italian Concept Cars from 1968-1979

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Photographer and visual historian James Ball, who goes by the moniker Docubyte, just unleashed a special photography series documenting the automotive artistry of Italian concept cars from 1968-1979.

"In the late 1960s, Italian design houses would go head to head during a period of outlandish one-upmanship that would see a trend for straight lines conquering the curve," says Ball. "In a nation famed for its celebration of the aesthetic, the outlandish designs would define what became known as the wedge era, where trapezoids and triangles were kings, and cars would look like spaceships."

Here are our favorites from the series:

1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo

1976 Ferrari Rainbow

 1969 Alfa Romeo 33/2 Coupe Speciale

 1977 Jaguar Ascot 

1970 Lancia Stratos Zero

 1976 Alfa Romeo Navajo

1979 Volvo Tundra

1969 Autobianchi Runabout 

1970 Ferrari 512s Modulo

1971 Alfa Romeo Cuneo