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Behold the Ultimate Aston Martin Bible

Paging 007.

The name David Brown is sure to live on in automotive history – to this day the British businessman's initials (DB) appear on the nameplate of Aston Martin's most beautiful cars, and have done since 1948 with the debut of the DB1 and the beginning of a legendary legacy.

Brown famously bought the company in 1947 for just £20,000 after seeing a classified ad in the Times of London offering a "High Class Motor Business" for sale. Saving Aston Martin from bankruptcy he invested heavily in developing sports cars that soon became the fastest and most desirable on the market.

The company claimed many racing victories over the years but its reputation was cemented when Sean Connery drove an Aston Martin DB5 in the first Bond film, Goldfinger. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the DB cars, represented by the latest ultra-luxe speeding bullet, the DB11, and to honor the occasion MotorBooks has just published the ultimate bible on the ultimate British sports car.

Over the course of 224 lavishly illustrated pages, author Andrew Noakes uses the large format to explore every DB model ever made, both from the David Brown era of 1947-1972 and the modern DB era from 1993 onwards in Aston Martin DB: 70 Years, now available on Amazon.

These days Aston Martin is still racking up victories at Le Mans and James Bond still drives a DB, and while we aspire to do the same someday, this beautiful volume will more than fill the void in the interim.