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This Book Imagines Owning 100 of the Most Beautiful Bentleys Ever Made

We've often enthused over French luxury publisher Assouline's opulent Ultimate Collection series of large format, limited edition, hand-bound books on subjects ranging from motorcycles to modern art. 

Their latest is an homage to Bentley Motors on the occasion of the famed marque's 100th anniversary, a fitting tribute to a brand that blends heritage and innovation, from its very first vehicle to its incredible new EXP 100 GT Concept.

The Impossible Collection of Bentley compiles the 100 "single most important and groundbreaking Bentley models," with jaw-dropping photography, detailed descriptions and "explanations relating to each automobile’s unique engineering excellence and the various creative avenues Bentley may have taken during the manufacturing process."

The volume includes everything from the earliest models like the iconic "Blower" to the latest generation Continental GT and Flying Spur as well as the race cars that have brought the marque success over the years and helped to establish its reputation for power, luxury and performance.

"When Walter Owen Bentley founded his namesake marque in London over 100 years ago, neither he nor anyone else could have imagined the impact his vision would have on the automotive and racing industries for decades to come," the publisher notes. "From 1919 until this very day, Bentley has always strived to follow the creed of its founder: To not only build a fast and good car, but to build the best in its class."

"From this principle," they add, "an automotive treasure trove of engineering supremacy has issued forth from England, forever securing Bentley as the definitive British luxury car company within the international consciousness." 

The limited edition volume comes housed in a hand-stitched, leather-bound case modeled after the famous quilted leather upholstery found in Bentley interiors. You don't need to be a Bentley owner to enjoy this book. But you just might cash in all your stocks and bonds in order to get behind the wheel once you've had a look at it....