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A Beautifully Designed And "Maintenance Free" Bicycle For $399 Shipped

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There's a few reasons why we're loving this bicycle from Priority. It has an oversized aluminum frame that will never rust, has puncutre-resistant tires, and has a belt-driven system that means practically zero maintenance. It also only takes FIVE minutes to put this thing together, which means an easy and stress free first ride once it comes in the mail, and a simple take down and set-up if you want to throw it in the trunk of your car or travel with it. Oh yeah---and it's only $399 shipped. Here's the founder explaining why he started the company...

And here's a closer look at the ride and its different colors... Not a bad purchase if you're in the market for a simple and elegant cruiser.

PB Step-through White Brick LowRes Crop


PB Step-through Blue Brick Low Res Crop




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