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Batman's Actual Motorcycle Is Surprisingly Affordable

The Batpod is for sale.
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Good news, Batman fans – the custom Batpod motorcycle from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is hitting the auction block through UK's Prop Store

It's expected to have a final price tag between $80,000 and $100,000, a far more reasonable cost that we would have figured. That's more-or-less the price of a standard Range Rover Sport. Expensive – sure – but not outlandishly pricey.

Featuring non-functioning cannons, a custom chassis made from a Honda 750 engine, and other all-black-everything customizations – the only negative thing about this ride is that it comes sans battery or fuel tank, so you'll need to hire your own personal Lucious Fox to get it street legal.

Get your funds together quickly if you want this beauty in your own personal Batcave – it'll land at auction on September 27th, 2016