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First Look At Audi's Giant Six-Door A8

The German carmaker is getting into the limo game.
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Audi just unveiled a beautiful extended A8 that features six doors, six seats, and all kinds of style.

Build for a currently unknown European customer, the sizable ride packs a glass roof, 0-62 miles her hour time of 7.1 seconds, 19-inch rims, and Audi's impressive Quattro AWD system.

The one-off ride was custom order, but they'll likely produce a few more of these if the demand is high enough.

Though limos are usually as uncool as your prom night rented tux, this is a pretty strong look for VIP-types that need to be driven from point A to point B in style. Or – you know – big spending fathers with one too many kids, soccer practice duty, and a hatred for mini-vans.