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Aston Martin Just Built A Yacht Perfect For James Bond And/Or International Playboys

Perfect for dramatic chase scenes on the water.
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Aston Martin is entering a new yachts. Here's the rundown:

  • The first creation is called the AM37.
  • It's 37 feet long, hence the name.
  • Supposedly has "luxury sports car-like handling and performance."
  • Can reach 60 knots (right around 70 mph) without much of a problem.
  • They're making it in partnership with Dutch company Quintessence Yachts.
  • Features a HD touchscreen with GPS and all the bells and whistles every good boat needs.
  • Has a design so cool, it will make your heart skip a beat.
  • Buyers should expect it to hit the open market in 2016.
  • No exact engine stats or price tag announced.

We're loving the look and think it's a smart play from the British manufacturer. With 007's close relationship with the brand, it's very likely he would take this thing for a dangerous spin in the midst of being chased by thugs-for-hire.

If it's good enough for that situation, it's good enough for a leisurely weekend with beautiful bikini-clad women in the French Riviera. 

Which..if you buy this thing and don't're totally dropping the ball.