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Aston Martin has just revealed the first completed DB5 continuation car paying homage to Bond movie Goldfinger.

Originally teased back in 2018, the final product features everything from a smokescreen delivery system to revolving number plates. They even added twin machine guns and a tire slasher, though both are inoperable and strictly for looks. Sorry, people. 

The interior of the car is kitted out with 007 references as well, including a simulated radar map and a telephone in the driver door. There's also a hidden weapons tray under the seat and a specialized remote control that handles all the Q-Branch accessories. The only problem? No ejection seat, though we suppose we can live without it.

Powered by a 4.0L naturally aspirated inline-six good for 290 hp, only 25 examples in total will be produced over the coming months with deliveries set to land through the rest of the year.