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Aston Martin Unveils Gorgeous All-Terrain Concept

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Aston Martin is banking on eco-luxe vibes with the trail-ready and fully-electric Lagonda All-Terrain Concept, freshly unveiled from Geneva. 

The exterior of the car features bold lines, rear suicide doors, and a bigger, boxier look that delivers more ground clearance and cargo space than what you typically get from an Aston Martin, obviously.

But the interior is where things get wildly futuristic. For starters, the physical key levitates between the driver and passenger seats via an electromagnetic field while front seats swivel to face the backseats while in a totally autonomous drive mode. The modern dashboard also fits entirely into the oversized steering wheel, letting the rest of the car revel in sci-fi movie minimalism.

Slated for a 2022 release, it's important to note that the production vehicle will likely be far more realistic than the ambitiously designed concept, but we love the big swing the British builder is taking.