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This Custom Land Rover Defender Is Dripping In Baja Vibes

Tequila sunset.

Arkonik's mission is simple: buy up well-kept classic Land Rover Defenders, restore and refit them as necessary, and ship them wherever discerning clients happen to be – including the U.S. Their custom builds are unlike any other Defenders on the planet, and prices are kept down as much as possible so that they aren't just pretty pipe dreams. 

Their latest build is a milestone in more ways than one: it's their 150th edition, an exercise in creative expression, and the epitome of their bespoke service rolled into one. The key features are a gorgeous Sky Blue body and a colorful Mexican blanket-bedecked bespoke interior, making for a truck that would look right at home in a Wes Anderson flick.

The name Añejo, meaning aged in Spanish, is most commonly found on tequila bottles, and this is certainly one mellow Landy. Arkonik uses trucks 15-25 years old for the perfect combination of authentic mechanics and charm. Set off by a white roof with safari rack the quilted leather seats and padded benches have super-cool serape blanket inserts.

The effect is like something Steve McQueen would have taken off into the California desert for some off-roading, soul-searching, and shooting at stuff. Although the King of Cool never had heated seats, LED lights, or an Alpine sound system complete with Apple CarPlay, he would have loved the Baja vibe.

The Añejo will be officially unveiled at The Muddy Chef Challenge in Manchester, Vermont later this month, a Land Rover-centric event combining off-roading and gourmet cooking. It's a cross between Top Chef and Top Gear, and Land Rovers are the vehicle of choice. 

So who's ready to get dirty with this beauty....?