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Amalgam Unveils Eye-Popping 1:8 Scale Model of Stirling Moss’ Iconic Grand Prix Car

When is a model of a car worth almost as much as a car itself? When it's created by Amalgam Collection, the world's finest maker of miniature museum-quality motorized vehicles. Their latest creation is a tribute to one of the most iconic race cars of all time, the 1955 Mercedes-Benz W196 Monoposto Grand Prix Car driven by Sir Stirling Moss.

The UK-based firm's master craftsmen created the limited edition 1:8 scale model in painstaking detail, down to the weathering it acquired campaigning on roads and race tracks. Moss famously drove the car to victory in the 1955 British Grand Prix.

Only five examples will be made, priced at about $17,000 apiece. Archival images of the car being raced were used to ensure "each completed model is a flawless representation of the real car." Each one also comes accompanied by a giclée print of the car as it crossed the finish line.

“Modelers often go wrong by trying to use original materials," says Sandy Copeman, Amalgam’s director of brand. "Our specialty is using splatter finishes and other painting techniques to give the illusion of depth—like the imprint of a rear end on a worn seat. In fact, our models are so finely detailed that they’re hard to tell from actual cars in photographs."

The actual Grand Prix car, worth many millions, was digitally scanned to perfectly recreate every detail at scale, while Mercedes-Benz assisted with information from their archive on the car's original finishes, materials and drawings. 

Each model, which can take around 4,000 hours to complete, comes mounted on a polished black acrylic base covered in leather and adorned with a polished stainless-steel plaque mounted at the front end of the base displaying the Mercedes-Benz tristar, the model name and the date of its victory at the British Grand Prix.