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7 Most Super Cars Of The ‘70s

Aston, Alfa and Sly Stallone's Rolls.

While the so-called “bedroom poster” cars of the ‘80s have skyrocketed in value lately, those of the ‘70s have remained largely unloved. Perhaps because of the prevailing aura of bad taste that pervades the decade, coupled with the fact that automotive output was not at its finest. However at Artcurial’s Automobiles sur les Champs sale in Paris on Nov. 1 there are a number of ‘70s stunners that would do credit to any collection – including a Rolls-Royce that “might have belonged to Sylvester Stallone.” Color us intrigued. Here’s our picks:

1.) 1970 Aston Martin DBS Vantage

Almost identical to the one driven by George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. ‘70s Astons have an awesome well-bred muscle car vibe. $135,000–$185,000.

2.) 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

One of the coolest Alfas ever made, built for the Montreal Expo in 1967. Michael Caine drives the crap out of one in 1974's The Marseille Contract. $68,000–$90,000.

3.) 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4

One of only 500 made, a more practical version of the Daytona for grand touring in style. Artcurial says this is the best example they've ever seen at auction. $365,000–$430,000.

4.) 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL Gr.2 Heidegger

3.0 CSL's are a holy grail for BMW collectors, and this one is 100% original down to the iconic "Inka Orange" paintjob. Ready for both road and track. $250,000–$295,000.

5.) 1974 Citroën DS 20 "Rallye"

A rally version of the famed DS? Oh yes. It won the Monte Carlo rally in 1959 and 1966. This is without question the steal of the sale. $30,000–$36,000.

6.) 1979 Ferrari 308 GTB

Gold Ferraris nowadays are extremely tacky. But one of the three original gold 308's ever built, in near-new condition? Extremely cool. $170,000–$215,000.

7.) 1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II

Registered new in California in January 1979, research shows this car probably belonged to Sly Stallone. In which case it has some damn good stories to tell. Cheap at twice the price. $17,000–$22,000.