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The Holy Grail of Adventuremobiles

Off-Roading in a rally-ready 911.

If there were a Mount Rushmore of drives, this 200-hp 1981 Porsche "Safari" 911 SC tearing up stones would undoubtedly be one of the four for us at Airows

Owned by American racer Leh Keen, who only washes this 911 SC via steering it through a local river, let some lucky dude drive and experience an auto-safari of a lifetime. Complete with a vintage-themed roll bar, quad-fog light pod and an interior fabric pattern plucked from the '80s, this 911 SC braves its surroundings with the utmost style and power we truly appreciate. No more elaboration here, just click play and enjoy 10 minutes of how special the 911 SC truly is.