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This 'Bullit' Tribute Mustang Is Made for a Modern Day Steve McQueen

Heading to the block.
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Ask any guy about the coolest car in movie history. Any guy. "Steve McQueen's Mustang in Bullit" will be at least half the answers. 

The iconic, 10-minute chase scene through San Francisco still holds up almost 50 years later, continually making your average Fast and the Furious moment feel like a walk in the park.

Though the '68 Ford Mustang Fastback on display here isn't from the actual film, it pays beautiful homage to the original McQueenmobile and gets all the details just right, including the American Racing Torq Thrust wheels and a blackout grille devoid of emblems.

It hits the auction block through Mecum soon, ready and waiting for a new home. Time to make room in the garage...