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Seeing as the good majority of our audience here at Airows are not actually" photographers" and "creative directors" checking in on their favorite blog at work, but are actually mysterious and highly trained operatives with a license to kill, we figured it was only right to dedicate an entire post to their craft. Here are a handful of aggressively cool automotive choices that'll work nicely during various acts of espionage.

1.) Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II Personal Submarine

Anyone who has ever disarmed a bomb with a second to go or taken down a global ring of white collar terrorists knows the easiest and safest escape is ALWAYS the 'ol personal submarine. This one is especially cool and nothing beats doing barrel rolls with dolphins on your way back to the safehouse.

2.) Snow Crawler

Getting chased down a mountain in the Swiss Alps with a bunch of Olympic-level skiers with semi-automatics? Sure, a regular snowmobile might get the job done, but it won't look nearly as awesome as the Snow Crawler ATV.

3.) Motopeds Survival Bike

This bike was originally designed by Motopeds for the (always pending) zombie apocalypse, but it's a damn find ride equipped to handle any high speed chase through a crowded third world village. The included crossbow? The slow reload time makes it a terrible choice in almost any kind of combat, but it's cool factor makes it a must-use.

4.) Vintage Aston Martin DB5 Landspeeder

This doesn't exist yet, but our contacts at Q-Branch said to expect it by the end of the year.

5.) Quadrofoil All-Electric Hydrofoiling Personal Watercraft

Pair this electricty-powered bad boy with a tuxedo and a babe on your arm and you're golden. At only a top speed of 20 knots, it's probably best used for a dramatic entrance rather than a quick getaway.

6.) Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard

It ain't easy finding a luxury sedan that can withstand a rocket launcher, but fortunately for you, we did.

7.) Submarine Sportscar

How many times have you been in a high speed chase and the only appropriate option is jumping the thing in the water and submarine-ing away? TOO MANY TIMES. This is something you can actually buy to solve that problem, at a simple price of just $2,000,000.

8.) Bloodhound SSC

This insane car can legitimately go up to 1,100 mph, making it the perfect ride to casually get from point A to point B in record time and stop a nuclear explosion. Plus, they had to get a custom speedometer from Rolex that could handle the inane levels of speed going on. Talk about cool.

9.) Kormaran

This is what happens when you genetically combine Aquaman with a Transformer. The Kormaran can go from catamaran to trimaran to monohull to hydrofoil modes like it ain't a thing, and look damn good and luxurious while doing it.

10.) Chrome 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4

Every self-respecting secret agent knows that the only way to truly arrive in style is with a vintage Aston Martin. Let the boring double 0's roll up with their run-of-the-mill paint jobs, this all-chrome-everything says "tasteful, but dangerously brash" like nothing else. Every supermodel and femme fatale at that gala in Monaco will be turning their heads as you role up to the valet behind the wheel of this thing.

11.) Aerofex Aero-X Hover Motorcycle

The guys over at Aerofex Aero-X should have this thing locked and loaded for you within the next year or two. Seriously, it's actually getting made and is actually almost ready for market. Leave your standard Harley to the Sons Of Anarchy losers and opt for something Luke Skywalker would respect the hell out of. It can fly up to 10 feet above the ground, has a max speed of 45 mph, and looks damn cool. They're currently taking pre-orders.

12.) Whale Submarine

Just kidding. You can gift this to your worst enemy next Christmas.