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10 Futuristic Yachts Fit For An International Playboy

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The only supermodel magnet greater than being a man who owns a mega-yacht is being an A-list celebrity who owns a mega-yacht. Here are a few incredible ones---some concepts, others on the water now---that are fit for royalty, international playboys, Bond villains looking to take over the world, and Bruce Wayne.

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Project Mars: This sexy as hell yacht was built for a cool $161.8 Million and belongs to one lucky SOB who probably throws parties on the thing that make a Jay Gatsby rager look like a dorm room pre-party with Smirnoff lemon twist vodka.

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Project Utopia: This is a private island/yacht that's 11-stories high, 325-foot wide, and the perfect headquarters for anyone trying to take over the world.


Streets Of Monaco Yacht: Yup, there's a mega yacht on the way based on the city of Monaco. Best part? There's a go-kart area modeled after the famous Formula 1 track on board, so you can pretend you're a mix of Lewis Hamilton and Super Mario while battling your uber-rich friends for first.


Sovereign: The copy on their website literally says it's designed for "kings, queens and monarchs," which tells you everything you need to know.

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Lobanov STAR: This massive yacht is 27,000-square feet, has room for 200 people, and looks like something an alien race developed and designed for relaxing in after they take over our planet and squash us like insects.


Jazz Yacht: CBS is proud to present Miami Vice, a television event coming fall 2087.


Glass Yacht: This thing has a class top half that looks like a crazy combination of a luxury yacht and a luxurious skyscraper. Just don't throw any rocks.


Trilobis 65: This bad boy has a slick underwater viewing room so you can scope out all the marine life---sharks, octopuses, sexy mermaids, killer whales---swimming below and around you.


Adastra: Your typical ultra-lux water skimming machine with a design and look that's just unreal. Victoria's Secret models would ditch a Leonardo DiCaprio soiree for an afternoon on this thing.

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Lobanov Dream: This bad boy has incredible sails and a futuristic style, making it look like something Jack Sparrow will captain when they make a sci-fi remake of Pirates Of The Caribbean in 15 years.

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Xhibitionist Yacht: Three helicopter landing pads and a garage that can fit about a dozen supercars. A little on the modest side, but a decent option.