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Now is your chance to win the coolest prize package we've ever offered to readers of the site and get in on some serious, stylish Tour de France action.

More or less, it's the international man of mystery starter kit. The kind of prize package James Bond would stop what he's doing to enter. The kind of thing that leads to unforgettable memories, unbelievable experiences, and enough gear to make a grown man feel like it's Chrismas morning circa 1995 and Santa just dropped off a Nintendo 64.

Here's what could be yours:

  • Two roundtrip tickets to Paris 
  • Two tickets to the finish line of the Tour de France
  • A full kit of gear from Ten Thousand
  • An Endurance CF SL Disc 9.0 road bike from Canyon 
  • An A28 Check from Raden
  • A year supply of razors and dopp kit from Harry’s 
  • A week’s worth of socks and kit from The Athletic
  • A Logan Backpack from Oliver Cabell 
  • $250 to Equinox spa or shop from Furthermore
  • Strava premium membership and gear package from Strava 

Yeah, you read all that right.

We are honored to be amongst such great company and excited to offer such a wonderful prize package to one lucky winner on the 19th or 20th.

Click here to enter. Good luck and godspeed.