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This Stylish Deep-Diving Personal Submarine Is A 007-Worthy Toy

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Do even the most adventurous of adventurers really need a personal submarine? No, not exactly. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't want one.

Normally reserved for super spies in old movies and the swashbuckling dreams of children, personal submarines are now as easy to buy as an exotic vintage car. Triton Submarines is leading the charge, with beautifully designed vessels that both James Bond and Charles Eames would give the subtle nod of approval to. 

One of their flagship rides is the Triton 6600/2, which comes in at a cool $5.5 million. It seats two, a pilot and a passenger, and is capable of going more than a mile below the ocean surface, which is far deeper than even the craziest of scuba divers wander. 

Sure, there are subs that go deeper than this thing, but none of them have a transparent acrylic hull, which is the key to making anyone on an underwater escapade feel more like an eccentric daredevil than a marine biologist.

Though we can't say dropping seven figures on this is the wisest way to unload a sizable bank account, your first dates will be far more memorable. It seats two, remember?