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Topps Debuts Project 70 With Some of the World's Top Artists and Creatives

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Topps — the legendary trading card company — just revealed Project 70, its upcoming series filled with artist reinterpretations of iconic baseball card designs. And though we would prefer a product with more scarcity (print runs are unlimited and based on the total number of orders over a 70-hour availability window) we can't argue with the style on display. 

It's all very similar to last year's Project 2020 series but with a few key differences. For starters, Topps will be inserting two "chase cards" into the print run of each card: a "Rainbow Foil" version of the card limited to 70 examples and a "Gold Frame" version of the card limited to a single example. Both should command premium pricing on the aftermarket. Beyond that, the lineup of artists and creatives is far more significant this time around, with notable names including FUTURA 2000, Sean Wotherspoon, Snoop Dog, Joshua Vides, Jeff Staple, and Mister Cartoon. Brands are even getting involved, including UNDEFEATED and Chinatown Market. 

New cards will be launching daily right here, each encased in a protective sleeve. And for those who purchase all 20 cards from any specific artist or creative over the year, Topps will be gifting a gold-stamped oversized print featuring each design.