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We had the pleasure of attending the 35th America's Cup this year as a guest of Bremont, the luxury watch icons who commemorated the event with a special series of co-branded timepieces that couldn't possibly be any cooler.

Though there's plenty to enjoy about the best sailors in the world competing on foiling, wingsailed catamarans at the highest of speeds, the most striking thing about the event is its peerless beauty, thanks in part to the island of Bermuda serving as HQ for the races.

With crystal blue water and jaw-dropping pink sand beaches, the background was overwhelmingly vibrant and bustling with spectacle as engineering marvels raced over the aqua agua.

“This is a beautiful island, a brilliant sailing venue and it has given us the platform to stage a truly magnificent America’s Cup, where many thousands came in person, and watched on television in their millions,” said Sir Russell Coutts, CEO of the America’s Cup Event Authority and five-times winner of the America’s Cup. “Bermuda delivered in every way. I urge anyone who has not been to Bermuda to visit, where you will fall in love with what we have been privileged to call our home since 2015.”

We concur. There's no place quite like Bermuda and no event quite like America's Cup. Wherever it may be hosted next, do everything you can to see in person. It's really that good.