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New York-based men's activewear label Ten Thousand is known for collaborating with endurance athletes, Navy SEALs, UFC fighters, and more to develop and design their wide array of fitness essentials. But for their latest release, they tapped into their customer base to co-design a custom shirt and short featuring a "GRIT" graphic on full display.

"Collaboration, with both our athlete team and our customer community, is a crucial part of our product design and development process," notes Ten Thousand founder Keith Nowak. "For this latest drop, we asked top tier members of our customer loyalty program to help us create a graphic that embodies our brand mantra: Better Than Yesterday. Hundreds of ideas were submitted. Of them all, we felt that GRIT, from customer Chris Lattimore, was the perfect encapsulation of the Ten Thousand ethos."

Lattimore explains his pick: "Grit is showing up, doing the work, and getting better when faced with adversity. Grit is the difference between continuing on versus giving up. Grit is the unmeasurable characteristic that all want, but few have."

Available here.