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Gorgeous Shark Book Comes With Own Personal Shark Cage

"The supermodels of the sea."
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Iconic Hollywood photographer Michael Muller has been spending much of the last decade avoiding celebrity gigs in favor of diving underwater and photographing sharks in their natural environments. The results? Simply spectacular.

Now collected in a stunning coffee table read and presented in its own protective metal cage, it's one of the most dramatic additions you can add to any shelf or table in your home.

From tiger sharks in South Africa to great hammerheads in the Bahamas, Muller's globe-trotting underwater adventures are beyond breathtaking and downright thrilling. Every page is like a nightmare and beautiful dream mashed together perfectly.

Limited to 1,500 copies and priced at $1,500 – this thing goes above and beyond what you'd find on the shelf of a Barnes & Noble. It's XXL in size and quality and a true piece of art. Adding to your cart would be a wise move.