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Sail in Silence With This Stunning Electric Yacht

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Hit the seas in silence and style with the achingly beautiful Q30 electric motorboat by Q-Yachts, a company founded by entrepreneur and keen sailor Janne Kjellman.

As silent as a Tesla and specially designed to minimize wakes, the hydrodynamic ride can crush 40 nautical miles on a single charge and hardly make a peep while doing it. The spacious interiors provide plenty of space to lounge when not seeking the sun and the touch screen operations at the helm give it that forward-thinking feel.

"This was developed with one thing in mind — to be able to enjoy the journey," says the company. "It provides a unique experience where the journey itself truly becomes the destination."

Available now through select agents in Finland, Germany, Norway and Switzerland and likely available for special order in other places in the world, this is eco-friendly excellence in every way possible. All aboard!