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OMATA's GPS Cycling Computer Is Disguised As An Old School Analog Device

Great idea, better execution.
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OMATA One is a gorgeously designed and technologically-advanced GPS computer built for cyclists.

It has a vintage style analog face, which is much easier to see and read while bombing on a bike, and shows you everything you need to know about your speed, distance, ascent and time, all with the accuracy and ease of use as any LED-clad cycling gizmo.

It can connect to your computer via USB-C, which allows you to not only charge it, but quickly import all your data to Strava, which is basically Facebook for hardcore riders.

From a style standpoint, this thing is as on-point as you can get. Bluetooth data export would have been nice, but its good looks certainly make up for a single flaw. They're currently taking pre-orders through Kickstarter, with prices starting at $499.