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Graham Bell Is Using A Luxury Car And Jetpacks To Become The Fastest Man On Skis

Your last ski trip is about to look boring.
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Graham Bell is one of the fastest and most accomplished skiers on the planet, but as if that wasn't good enough, he's planning to break the world record for fastest man on skis ever thanks to Jaguar, some jetpacks, and zero percent fear.  

Right now, the world record was set by a guy in 2014, who hit 158 mph in a downhill race. Bell plans to hit 160 mph with ease.

But where do the aforementioned jetpacks come in? Like something out of Iron Man or Inspector Gadget, the engineers at Jaguar built in miniaturized jetpacks that will attach to both his aerodynamic suit and the skis themselves. Pretty wild.

Here's a look at Bell and the Jaguar team prepping for the record breaking run by ski-joring behind the XE AWD, which will help them determine what factors should to be taken into consideration for the final run.

Looking forward to this fully coming to life. Godspeed.