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You Can Buy James Bond's Classic Yacht For $850,000

The 'Casino Royale' craft was just refit.

The classic 54-ft. mahogany sailing yacht helmed by Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, which became the first sailing yacht to go up Venice's Grand Canal in 300 years when the movie was filmed, will be offered for sale during the London On-Water Show May 4–7 with an asking price of about $850,000.

The beautiful vessel was built entirely by hand at Spirit Yachts’ boatyard in Suffolk, UK in 2005. The yacht was just refit and modernized at Spirit and is now named Soufrière (sufferer) after Bond's anguish at losing Vesper Lynd. 

In addition to her mahogany topsides the yacht features teak decks and a modern sailing rig. She has two double cabins below with ensuite baths and a spacious living area complete with mahogany dining table and well equipped galley.

Sean McMillan, CEO and head designer of Spirit Yachts notes that Soufrière "was designed specifically for Casino Royale following the production company’s search for a classically elegant and unique British-built yacht." 

If you want to go sailing 007-style this is definitely the boat for you.