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How Far Do Athletes Run In Each Major Sport?

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Found some pretty interesting stats via this Gizmodo piece on how far the average athlete runs in each professional sport.

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5.) Baseball: Most guess it's less than a quarter mile per game and they don't even accurately keep track of this because it isn't all that impressive.


4.) American Football: The biggest beef football-haters have with the sport is the fact that players are only actually playing the game for about 11 minutes total. Most of the 3+ hour TV broadcast are just huddles, players standing around, and commercial breaks every few minutes. Even with the low play time, a player like a wide receiver, corner back, or tight end runs about 1.25 miles per game. Linemen and others run much less.

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3.) Basketball. 2.72 miles, most of which is sprinting.

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2.) Tennis: Most of the time, they're running over three miles in a five set match and in extreme cases run over five miles.

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1.) Soccer: The average player runs between 7 and 9.5 miles per game. Definitely the most brutal of any major sport. You gotta be in crazy shape to be able to go that hard for 90+ minutes of play.