The 'Goldfinger' Guide to Golf Style

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Plenty of objects of desire have been immortalized in Bond lore, from Aston Martins to Omega watches and beyond. But golf essentials revealed in the Goldfinger novel (and later film adaptation) have quietly flown under the radar. Well, until now.

That's thanks to a new collab from Penfold and Uncrate Supply, which nods to James Bond's golf ball of choice in both the literary and cinematic classic: "Penfold. Hearts." 

The special edition release is sold as a set of two dozen golf balls, with half featuring heart symbols and a deep red, retro-inspired livery, and half opting into a sleek black-and-white theme with spade symbols throughout. The latter also features a larger, bolder putting line and logo detailing.

The golf ball set is joined by a three-pack of golf gloves developed in collaboration with Asher Golf, which is led by a red/white/black design inspired by the glove Sean Connery wears on the course in Goldfinger. It's joined by an all-white design and all-black design, each cut from 100% AAA Cabretta leather.