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Forrest Griffin’s ‘Got Fight?’ Book Will Make You Manlier

The physical, the mental, and the absurd.

“You should be in good physical condition before beginning this or any martial arts program,” warns Forrest Griffin, in the book, Got Fight? The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat.

Beyond the fitness test, the book then moves on to a questionnaire of caveman-like ethics, followed by ways to improve manliness. This includes improving one’s skills as a repairman, mechanic, beer drinker, chef, and hunter.

After a series of jokes, Forrest Griffin gets into some actual fundamentals. Griffin considers running or plyometrics as icing on the cake. Instead, he does a pyramid type of sparring where he lies down and faces new opponents one after the other.

Griffin writes, “I’m not saying you shouldn’t go running… I’m saying that you should go running after you have gotten your sports-specific training out of the way.”

Likewise, when it comes to work inside the octagon, he looks at moves like a chess game or billiards match. “If your opponent’s back is up against the fence, he is vulnerable to your attacks,” he writes.

“As a result, the goal in any fight is to cut angles using footwork to force your opponent to step to the outside of that black line. This might sound easy, but it’s often very difficult,” concludes the fighter.

In the end, the book is full of wisdom from a guy who has been hit in the face as often he’s hit others in the face (an alternate title was Who Moved My Nose?).

His level of confidence, ballsy humor, and visualization will apply to various professions, training, or hobbies while being a flat-out fun read.

You can get the book on Amazon for around $10.