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Owning a Superyacht Just Got Easier (And Less Expensive)

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Channeling your inner Bruce Wayne and frolicking on a superyacht is something many people dream about, few actually accomplish.

And even if your parents didn't leave you Wayne Enterprises and a billion dollar trust fund to you, it's now more possible than ever courtesy Dream Yacht's new fractional ownership program.

Here's how it goes down:

You purchase a yacht at 75% off, sharing it with three other owners, Each of you can reserve it for five weeks out of the year and, if a scheduling conflict arises, you have free access to Dream Yacht's international fleet. Everything from management to maintenance to rental programs (with a guaranteed income per month) are handled by the team at Dream Yachts and at the end of the 60-month management program term, the boat is sold by a professional broker with profits divided among the four owners.

Nobody, not even Leonardo DiCaprio, needs a superyacht for more than five weeks out of the year. So if you can get in and get out with zero worries, zero management, zero maintenance and at a fraction of the cost, why not....?