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NFL legend Tom Brady has officially launched his new eponymous fashion label BRADY, an independent brand offering an array of both athletic and lifestyle apparel with a modern feel and minimalistic presence. Sleek "BRADY" branding is used sparingly and colorways keep things simple with classic and understated hues.

The brand is also doing something interesting with its "BRADY TEAM" program, which delivers digital coins matched for every dollar spent. In the near future, the coins will unlock exclusive products and first access to new releases. And given how involved the quarterback is with cryptocurrency and NFTs, we wouldn't be surprised if this somehow links up with digital collectibles at some point.

Hitting the ground running, dozens of different styles across multiple categories are available to shop through here. A few standouts are the Regenerate Point Sweatpant and the Cotton Fleece Wordmark Hoodie, both designed for rest and recovery. The headwear options also have our attention, with the Engineered Knit Beanie topping the wishlist.