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This Is the Ultimate Coffee Table Tribute to Skiing With Style

With the onset of colder weather in more mountainous climes comes the start of ski season, and an opportunity for gentlemen to engage in the quintessential winter sport. And as anyone who calls himself a true enthusiast can tell you, there's so much more to it than just the physical activity itself.

Which is why The Ultimate Ski Book: Legends, Resorts, Lifestyle & More, new from German luxury publisher teNeues this month and now available to order on Amazon is exactly what we need to kick things off. The oversized volume features 150-plus photos ranging from archival images to eye-popping heli-skiing shots.

Beginning with early Alpine pioneers and running through today's world-class professionals, author and ski aficionado Gabriella Le Breton presents the "evolution of this much-loved mountain sport and all the essentials of contemporary ski culture." 

From the first ski superstars and legends like Jean-Claude Killy, who graces the cover, to the most memorable ski fashions and the world’s best resorts and most prestigious chalets, it's a beautifully-illustrated encyclopedia of all things pertaining to the world's top ski experiences, including personal tips from the pros.

Where is the longest run in the Andes? Which is the most spectacular descent in the Alps? Which is the most legendary hut in the world? Who makes the world's best boots and bindings? And what are the essential après-ski spots? Le Breton answers all of these questions and more.

"Higher, faster, further"—skiing is more than just a hobby or even an adventurous way to move through ice and snow. "It’s a way of life, a mode of transport, catalyst for discovery, profession, sport, and recreation," as Le Breton notes.

Anyplace where even a few flakes fall, you'll find devotees of the sport, Le Breton points out, but certain spots like Aspen and St. Moritz are where the truly stylish strap on their custom-made skis, and for good reason. Pick up a copy here and get into the spirit.