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The Score: This Whisper-Quiet Massage Gun Just Went On Sale

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Massage guns have been changing the game over the last few years, providing at-home percussive therapy that can mimic the effects of a 30-minute deep tissue massage in just five minutes. Unfortunately, however, a jackhammer is more discrete.

But that's where Kraft Gun comes in, a relatively new brand in the space with a silent massage gun that lets you relax and unwind in a meditative state. Its got a premium battery that only needs to be charged once a month and its lightweight nature makes it comfortable and easy to maneuver across the body. And best of all? It's currently $120 USD off right here.

Each purchase arrives with three unique attachments to meet your specific needs, along with a durable carrying bag for travel and storage at home. It also offers multiple speeds to meet your comfort level and level of ache.