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Meet the Latest and Greatest in Performance Sunglasses

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Finn is a new eyewear house focused on minimalist performance sunglasses built the right way: effective and stylish, sans gimmicks and pretension.

 "I have felt for a long time that consumers are choosing between brands selling overpriced sunglasses that are made for everyone, without speaking to any specific community, or worse, picking up poorly designed, unintentional versions that rely on people walking into a sporting goods emporium, bike shop, or running store and confronting a lone rack of options," notes Finn founder Dylan Nord.

They're kicking things off with the HighTail, its first model, which is constructed from lightweight composite and weighs in at just 32 grams. It's fitted with a malleable live wire threaded within the temple, which allows the wearer to lock in the perfect fit while also increasing grip, and arrives with two easily interchangeable polycarbonate lenses: standard shades for daytime and a clear lens for low-light sporting pursuits.

The silhouette, meanwhile, is extremely sleek and streamlined. "It's designed to look fast, like a fin through water, without the over-flourishes that plague most of the options on the market," notes Nord. 

Available in two different styles for under $100 USD, head right here to snag a pair.