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This Might Be the Best Looking Electric Bicycle Ever Made

We see your run-of-the-mill café racer and raise you.

Avionics recently unveiled an impressive electric bicycle that looks like it was an Eames lounge chair in a past life.

Accented with Jatoba wood set against matte black paint, the beautiful ride mixes modern minimalism with retro styling for a unique look unlike anything else on the road. 

It's powered by a 5,000-watt engine that can cruise 75 miles on a single charge and bust out a top speed of 35 mph. You won't be winning any drag races with this thing, but it's far more powerful than whatever your local beach shop is renting out all summer.

There's no word on pricing yet, but pre-orders are planned to take place in September. If it's half as pretty in real life as it is in these photos, riders are in for a treat....