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This Hunting Book is Perfect for Adventurers and Armchair Outdoorsmen Alike

World class.

Even if the closest you ever get is a Brooklyn restaurant with taxidermy on the walls, there's something atavistic about hunting that appeals to all men. And even if you've never fired a gun the aesthetic appeal of a beautifully made 12-gauge is hard to deny.

So outdoorsmen and armchair adventurers alike will want to pick up a copy of The Hunting Book by Oliver Dorn from German luxury publisher teNeues, now available on Amazon. As the title promises, the oversized volume covers all aspects of the world's oldest sport, with the beautifully illustrated, high-end take teNeues is known for.

From the world's best sporting arms manufacturers to the most enticing and exciting destinations for shooting, falconry and more, to hunting outfitters and even recipes for wild game, this book has it all. A handsome addition to any library shelf or coffee table, the international perspective Dorn brings to the subject is sophisticated and stylish.

Dorn starts off with the history of hunting, with a nod to hunting art and antiques; touches on hunting clothing and fashion; discusses the various breeds of hunting dogs; reveals all about bespoke weaponry, custom shotguns and rifles; and explains the role of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation, which ensures that proper hunting also benefits nature.

Along the way, he writes about storied brands that have been supplying the finest hunting gear and services to European sportsmen for decades, and sometimes centuries. This includes impeccable craftsmen like Belgium's Jean Pierre Gerard, a fifth-generation taxidermist who is the nobleman's choice when it comes to mounting a big game trophy in the library of your castle.

Part of a new series from teNeues of beautifully produced and photographed topics of interest to gentlemen of style, presented in XL format, The Hunting Book provides vicarious pleasure but will also serve you well the day you decide to take up a Beretta or Purdey and venture forth in search of wild game for the table or trophy room.