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Five Hiking Boots With Serious Style

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Hiking boots usually go hand in hand with haircuts that haven’t been in style since the 70s and Suburu Outbacks covered in tacky bumper stickers. 

But they don’t have to. 

Enjoy the great outdoors and adventure up your weekends without downgrading your style thanks to these elevated options that not only get the job done with high levels of quality and craftsmanship but look as good as everything else in your closet. Here are your best options:

ROA Hiking Boot, $199

What happens when you take a fashion first approach to hiking boots and craft them with the same fibers and materials used in bulletproof vests? Something like this option from Italian footwear manufacturer ROA.

Danner Mountain 600 Chelsea Boot, $170

Casual and classic, you can wear this Chelsa-boot-Hiking-boot hybrid on and off the trail without a single funny look.

Viberg Hiker Book, $710

If you're looking for the ultimate hiking boot, this stunning Viberg option vintage vibes and time-tested construction is it. If there's a mountainside mission in the Alps, you bet your sweet ass 007 is reaching for these.

SALE: Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boot, $129 ($50 Off)

From the trail to the city, these lightweight and waterproof boots from Ridgemont can handle it all. And frankly, we can't find a better value play.

Sorel Madson Hiker Boots, $199

Thanks to the contrasting rope-inspired laces, these super-cool nubuck hiking boots have a bold finish and a healthy dose of #seeyououtthere style.