Looking good at the gym may not be your top priority, but even if it was, it's certainly not easy to accomplish. And even if you pull it off, those gym clothes are one hit wonders, relegated to your gym bag and the squat rack and little more. Ten Thousand, finally, has unveiled a more suitable answer—the Foundation Short, soon to become your go-to for crushing out personal bests in the gym while also serving as irreplaceable gear for any guy with a sense of adventure.

The key to the Foundation Short is that it's mastered the balancing act between comfort, style, and durability. There's just enough stretch to ensure a full range of motion for any kind of complex or quick twitch exercise, while the mid-weight fabric won't weigh you down or fall apart, either.

Style-wise, you get a more tailored look than you would from the baggy basketball shorts you've been sick of since the '90s. The statement is clear: you have your act together these days, and you're still ready to kick some ass whether on the blacktop, the hiking trail you've been waiting to conquer, or the weight room.

You'll also be able to seamlessly transition to the real world, perfect for when you're heading straight from the gym to that impromptu happy hour. Or pack the Foundation Short in your getaway bag and you basically have the only shorts you'll need for a camping or fishing weekend. What you do in them is up to, but trust us, you'll love the versatility.

Perhaps best of all is that the shorts are entirely customizable. Build your own pair from the ground up, starting with your choice of color; picking the perfect size with their can't miss "sizing engine" fit chart; choosing between either a 7" or 9" inseam for your ideal look and range of motion; and last but not least, opting whether or not to add a liner for an extra $10.

And if you're envisioning uncomfortable swimsuit mesh, think again, the liner is actually an anti-chafe and anti-odor, medium compression boxer-brief. It's made from premium jersey style fabric sourced from Italy, while the anti-odor creds come via permanent silver ion treatment which kills bacteria and keeps you fresh.

Yeah, not your dad's gym shorts to be sure. Or your old ones, for that matter. Toss those in the trash and never look back.

You can pick up a pair of the Foundation Shorts now for either $58 (no liner) or $68 (liner). Use the promo code "Airows" at checkout for 15% off your first order.