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Members-Only Gyms Have Nothing On This New Gym-Pass App

The gym-going experience as it was meant to be.

Joining a gym in New York City can be a pain in the neck. You have to pay initiation fees, pay locker rental fees, sometimes even pay additional costs for cardio or yoga classes. You have to find a location that’s close enough to either your office or your apartment to walk there regardless of the weather. And once you’ve picked a location, you’re locked in—unless you want to pay double your monthly cost for some kind of “passport” deal.

All of these things can get in the way of working out. And these are some of the reasons that only 19% of New Yorkers are hitting the gym enough to buy memberships.

But one scrappy startup team is on a mission to change that.

DRAGO is a mobile app that allows you to scan into a gym, work out, and only pay for the time you actually spend there, allowing you to access several locations across the city.

No committing to a single location. No committing to a membership plan of any kind. No up-front initiation fees. Just working out—finally—on your own terms.

The app has partnered with several gyms across the city (five locations in Manhattan, four in Brooklyn, one in Astoria) and plans to expand to more locations very soon. DRAGO is also partnering with Pure Green and Boxed Water to offer you discounts and rewards when you hit the gym using the app.

DRAGO wants everything to be transparent and fair to both its users and the gyms, so you’ll be notified by the app when you go to a certain gym enough times to be worth a membership (that's a win for everyone). Don’t forget, the point of the app isn’t to keep you from becoming a gym member; it’s to make going to the gym easier in the first place. And if this means that hitting the gym is as simple as a ride from Uber or a meal from Seamless? Definitely a net positive.

Find out more about DRAGO today, or get it on the iOS App Store or on Google Play, and erase one more excuse not to work out. You can thank us later.