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This Is The Ultimate Gentleman's Guide to Fly Fishing

There are few more gentlemanly pursuits than fly fishing. It's been an obsession of several men of significance over the years, perhaps none more famous than Ernest Hemingway. Many of us toiling away in cities dream of taking it up one day. 

Now to help you get there, or just to fuel your daydreams in between browsing angling gear at Orvis, design-focused German publisher Gestalten is coming out with the ultimate guide to the picturesque pastime: The Fly Fisher: The Essence and Essentials of Fly Fishing, due in November and now available to pre-order from Amazon.

A compendium of all things cool related to the "alluring balance between nature and sport," it's aimed to appeal to beginners and experts alike—"from those who claim wading and waiting in the water as a practiced pastime to curious minds yet to cast a line."

Included in its 250-plus pages are profiles of fly fishing legends, exclusive illustrations of everything from fish species to essential gear, and advice on learning the basics of casting and "reading the water" to land the best catch, as well as a guide to tying flies. Of course, as you'd expect from Gestalten, the photography is top-notch.

From Montana to Canada and Chile to Japan, The Fly Fisher is a truly global celebration of the "artistry of a sport with an ever-growing global appeal." Fly fishing "is about understanding and respecting nature and your environment, as well as living with the given seasons," the book notes. "It is about imitation, about practice, about patience, about technique, about preparation—and yet "it is not as complicated as we are often led to believe."

Ready to wade in? We certainly are. Order your copy here and prepare to ignite a passion that will last a lifetime.