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5 Adventure-Ready Duffel Bags to Help You Get Outta Dodge

Escape packs.
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If you're feeling the need to go somewhere with serious elements, you're gonna need the right companion. Any of these will handle the job with stylish ease.

1.) Filson Small Dry Duffel ($140)

Filson makes some of the coolest bags in the game and this one, made with a vinyl-coated poly fabric exterior with raw lining, is ideal for any rain-filled or snow-filled adventure. Despite its technical aesthetics, it still feels very classic and Filson-y, like your Grandpa would have traveled with one.

2.) Patagonia Black Hole Duffle 60L ($119)

Patagonia, makers of products that are nothing but quality, really hit the ball out of the park with this one. Playing double duty as both a duffel and a backpack, it's as versatile as it is handsome. 

3.) Porter-Yoshida & Co. Flex Small Duffle ($279)

Another duffel and backpack hybrid, this beautifully rugged travel companion from a cult-favorite Japenese brand is just dripping in style. It's made from the same material they make sailboat sails out of and can fold down to almost nothing for easy packing and storage.

4.) Lexdray Beijing Duffle ($325)

This is the kind of stealth-mode bag a Black Ops agent would use on a mission. Featuring a weather-resistant nylon exterior with nylon fabric lining and a fleece lined laptop or tablet sleeve, this can handle anything from a ski weekend to a sailing adventure to a fishing trip.

5.) Filson Medium Dry Duffle ($160)

This take from Filson is similar to the aforementioned example with its vinyl exterior and interior but packs a stylish roll-top closure, is slightly larger in size, and look flat-out terrific in all-black.