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The Best and Worst Jerseys at Euro 16

Breaking down the highs and lows of Euro 16 style.

With the Euro's in full swing (and England already eliminated) it finally feels like it's time to sit back, relax, and pass some judgement on the best and worst uniforms at this years tournament. Although the majority of the jerseys were pretty non-eventful, a couple teams walked out onto the field in the tuxedo equivalent to a soccer kit, while a few others looked like they were about to hit a nightclub on the Jersey Shore.

The Best: Belgium Away

Clean lines and a minimal design, the Belgium away jersey doesn't have any of the tonal patterns or polygonal shapes that are so popular in today's jersey designs. Its power is in its simplicity. The slight sky blue coloring is subtle yet distinct and is inspired by the famous Belgium blue cycling jerseys, as Belgium is considered the heartland of the sport. It's an iconic jersey in a sea full of kits that seems to be chasing one trend or another and will look just as good in five years as it does today.

The Best: Croatia Home

While wearing this jersey outside of a footballing context might run you the risk of looking like a checkers board, there is no denying it's the most striking and memorable jersey at the tournament. The slight curvature of the checkered design gives these jerseys a modern feel, yet the basic design is a homage to the 1998 Euro Croatia jerseys, which shortly after became a soccer fan cult favorite.

The Worst: Spain Away

Let's just be thankful Italy eliminated them in the first round of the knockout stages so we don't have to see these ugly things again. It looks like someone accidentally spilled a bunch of pixelated frames on top of a white jersey and then tried to claim it was a modern day Jackson Pollock. We've heard that it's meant to represent rising sun of Spain, but the only way it reminds anyone of the sun is that your eyes start to hurt if you stare at it too long.

The Worst: Russia Away

We're trying to hold back some bias considering the Russian fans have widely been considered the worst of the tournament so far, but just look at this and tell us it doesn't scream DJ Pauly D. We honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out that Vladimir Putin kidnapped Ed Hardy and forced him to make these heinous shirts. The coloring of the crest almost makes it look like a watermark and the placement is exactly where that kid who never left your home town got his family crest tattooed on him.