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Bear Grylls' Tips For Handling Yourself In A Fight

Be the smartest guy in the room.

Bear Grylls recently dropped some serious knowledge on how to handle yourself in a fight. We pulled a few quotes from the piece that'll help you be the smartest guy in the room during any kind of altercation.

1.) Bar Fights Are Always A Bad Choice

"Don't lower yourself to someone's drunken level. Walk away. Or run if you have to. Remove your ego and live another day."

2.) If They Just Want Money--Give Them The Money

"If someone demands your wallet, the chances are all they're after is the money. Hand over the cash and get out of Dodge."

3.) If You're Forced To Throw Down--Avoid The Bruce Lee Stuff--Use Krav Maga

"Many martial arts are impractical for everyday use, but Krav Maga is different. It is a self-defence system developed by the Israeli military. Trust me: those guys know how to handle themselves."

4.) Give Warning

"Krav Maga teaches never to let an aggressor into your safe zone. Put your hands out to hold an aggressor at bay. If they enter that space, push them out with a loud dominant command: "Back away!" If they attempt to enter your space again, you strike, because that person wants to hurt you or potentially kill you or your family."

5.) Strike Fast

Aim for the soft part of the throat. Keep punching and moving forward, continually striking until the threat goes down. 

6.) You'll Never Win A Defensive Fight

"Your reactions will never be fast enough to counter an attack. What's more, you are moving backwards. A recipe for defeat."