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Tear Up the Skies With This Jaw-Dropping Luxury Helicopter

Coming in hot at a cool $22mm.
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The team at Airbus know how to make a chopper with style. Their most recent creation is the stunning $22 million H160 VIP, which is basically a helicopter meets private plane meets supercar.

With a top speed of 185 miles per hour and a range of 500 miles on a full tank of gas, this thing makes avoiding traffic and hopping from point A to point B in style the sharpest thing ever.

The cabin interior is just stunning too, complete with rich leather, woods, and a modern-meets-classic appeal. With room for twelve, this pairs nicely with good company and a bottle (or three) of champage.

The most impressive thing about this ride, though, may be the sound. Or rather, lack thereof. Where your standard helicopter is blisteringly noises, the H160 VIP is specially engineered to soar as quietly as possible. 

Hitting the air sometime in 2017, we can all agree that owning one of these is roughly 100x cooler than the latest sportscar......